Robert Phillips (Consultant – London)

Robert Phillips (based in London and advises on English and international law) is a special consultant on PPP infrastructure to VELMA Law. Robert was, until April 2006, a senior partner based in the London office of CMS Cameron McKenna. Since 1983 he has specialised in transactions involving private sector participation with particular emphasis on major infrastructure projects and capital projects in various sectors, including energy and transport.  Robert lives in London.

Robert’s extensive experience started with the first private sector power station in China and includes advising various Governments on the introduction of privately financed power stations such as Portugal, Ireland and Morocco.

He has also advised the UK Department for Transport on the high speed Channel Tunnel Rail Link, advising an international joint venture on a proposed private sector railway scheme in Portugal and advising the Dutch Government on the introduction of private sector participation for a High Speed Rail Link forming part of the Trans European Network. He continues to advise the UK Department for Transport on Cross Channel Rail Services and was a member of the team advising lenders on Project Evergreen, the first of the Rail Enhancements in the UK to be developed with supplier finance. He has also advised on accommodation projects such as schools, prisons and hospitals.


English law:           admitted as Solicitor 1971
Hong Kong:           admitted 1983
Australia:              State of Victoria, admitted as Solicitor

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